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Animal Emergency

Our animal emergency hospital is open 24h per day, 365 days per year, and is staffed by experienced emergency vets and nurses caring for your pet.

Internal Medicine

Our Internal medicine service deals with heart problems, cancer, gastrointestinal disease, neurology and a range of other illnesses.

Animal Surgery

We offer the latest techniques in chest & abdominal surgery, cancer surgery, wound reconstruction, spinal imaging & surgery and advanced orthopaedics.


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Swimming is a natural activity which unloads the skeleton and allows exercise without the potentially damaging effects of impact on healing bones after surgery.  It is practical in Melbourne as many dog owners live near the Bay and can access the beach many months of the year. You can slowly walk your pet in shallow water on a dog lead if swimming is too intense. Swimming will increase the cardiovascular fitness and improve strength as well as burn off those extra colories allowing you to maintain your pet in a lean body condition score. Unfortunately, some breeds are not willing or able to swim (eg. Bassett, Corgi) and alternative approaches must be considered. Swimming is especially good for promoting range of motion after front leg surgery such as elbow joint reconstructions or fractures of the humerus. This is because dogs naturally ‘doggie paddle’ rather than use the back legs. Swimming can be fun as well as being beneficial in the recovery process.