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Animal Emergency

Our animal emergency hospital is open 24h per day, 365 days per year, and is staffed by experienced emergency vets and nurses caring for your pet.

Internal Medicine

Our Internal medicine service deals with heart problems, cancer, gastrointestinal disease, neurology and a range of other illnesses.

Animal Surgery

We offer the latest techniques in chest & abdominal surgery, cancer surgery, wound reconstruction, spinal imaging & surgery and advanced orthopaedics.

Underwater treadmill

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Over the last ten years use of underwater treadmill rehabilitation has gained popularity within Australia. Dr. Chris Preston from Pet Emergency & Specialist Centre was the first vet to have a physiotherapist and treadmill alongside his surgical practice in 2004. The treadmill allows the operator to adjust water depth and thus control of the degree of flotation. We can also adjust the speed of the treadmill and increase the energy expenditure to build endurance and muscle mass. Our treadmill is the most popular around the world and has swim jets to further increase resistance. We have a dedicated treadmill room where you can be with your dog during the treatment sessions to provide verbal encouragement and stay involved in the recovery process.